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Rustapalooza St. Marys Riverfront

…St.Mary’s Riverfront Rustapalooza

  I’m so excited about the line up of incredible people and venues for the 2016 show season.  This gorgeous, riverfront field will be transformed with amazing vintage goodness for…

…it’s coming!

…it’s been literally YEARS in the making, the search for the not only the perfect warehouse to move rustapalooza’s fall and spring outdoor market, into rustapalooza’s MONTHLY INDOOR market, but also the…

Happy Monday!

It’s been a Happy Monday….and while I feel you’re never too old to learn new things, I have lovingly embraced the blog world of WordPress.  It seemed daunting at first,…

Hello world!

Rustapalooza has some amazing and exciting things coming up, including some new locations all over the southeast!  Are you ready to rust in peace?!!