I’m pretty sure we can all unanimously agree that 2020 was, well…weird.

There are many other descriptive words that can be put in that blank, some with four letters I’m sure, but with all the weirdness that 2020 brought, it also brought blessings. Amidst missing all my vendors, there was a rally for our vintage family to support one another in even more creative ways, many of you moved to online platforms, took a much needed rest, or reinvented your businesses. Sadly, some did close. Some decided it was time to retire, and some of you went total gang-busters, creatively navigating porch pick-ups, and what some of us like to call “ship-ageddon” and rallying stronger than you were before.

There was great hope that 2021 would start getting “back to normal”. (whatever that may be) And, hope for the show to start back up again in the Spring.

At this moment, permits for large gathering, even outdoor ones, on our location are not being issued for us to assemble. So at this time we’re on hold once again until at least the fall. I know, it stinks. I miss you all, but above all I wish you to stay safe, and look forward even more to Fall of 2021.