The hardest post I’ve ever had to write…

Like many of you, 2020 has not been anything like we could have ever imagined. The vintage world is relatively small community, and I know at least for my show, we’re a big family.

I’ve tried since June to make sense logistically how we can have our Holiday show in November with all the CDC requirements, social distancing guidelines, and advisements. And, folks, this is not the answer any of us want to hear, and I especially don’t want to be the messenger of, but sadly I must go with both compassion, and common sense, and cancel the Rustapalooza Holiday event on November 14th.

I’ve put it off as long as possible, y’all know me, I’m going to figure something out…but, with the amount of labor alone required to meet the social distancing guidelines, limiting the spacing of vendors, and shoppers, and heck, even a person cleaning each port-a-potty for 8 straight hours, logistically, to pull it off, it just doesn’t make sense. With virus numbers still climbing in Georgia, I’ve taken every suggestion, idea, and option under advisement. We’ve brain-stormed, we’ve prayed, we’ve cried, we’ve thrown our hands in the air a time or two, we’ve waited to see, and, at the end of it all, I sadly must say, let’s just wait till 2021.

To say I’m heartbroken is an understatement. To know so many will be disappointed is a hard pill to swallow. Knowing all my vendors are itching to set up, and my sweet loyal customers are just waiting to shop that field of vintage yummy-ness is gut-wrenching. But, I just can’t, in good conscience do it.

I love you all too much to place anyone at risk. And I know, it stinks beyond belief. But, for now, we will just have to wait, and keep all of our vintage family as safe as possible. .

My prayer for you all is health and safety. It’s just a break, not a goodbye! We’ll see you all again soon!

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2 thoughts on “The hardest post I’ve ever had to write…

  1. Perhaps you could share a list of potential vendors who’d be willing to sell online, and your faithful customers could still “shop”? Especially for the unique items given as Christmas gifts, Rustapalooza has been a much-anticipated event and will be greatly missed!

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