World’s Longest Yard Sale 2016 – Day 1…

Day 1 we fondly refer to as the road warrior day.  It basically was 14 hours of driving from Jacksonville, FL with a stop in St. Marys, GA to pick up Deb from Cottle & Gunn and  powering through to get to Lexington, KY to crash for the night.

So for the super duper quick recap, this is what it looked like!

Got a quick snack at Dunkin Donuts and we’re hitting I-95 leaving GA:


Then,   drive….


drive some more….


drive, drive, drive, drive….


Deb almost missed that one…drive some more!


No, I wasn’t speeding…Deb wasn’t paying attention….and we shall rest in Georgetown, KY for the nite!  See ya’ tomorrow!

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