Prize Posessions

Every Rustapalooza show I try and have a theme as far as the entrance booth.  Sometimes it’s based on the season,  or an inspirational photo from a pinterest board.  Sometimes it’s a corny but lovely idea, like the spring show was a “flower bed”.  (get it a vintage iron bed covered in flowers…)


This time however, my inspiration is the venue itself!  The Fairgrounds! For about a month I’ve been trolling vintage photos of old country fairs and festivals, prize pigs and horses and the like. I knew I wanted a giant chalkboard with all our social media links for people to be able to stand in front of with their fabulous finds, but I just couldn’t come up with a great “fairgrounds” theme decoration to complete the look…I mean a ferris wheel is just a little outside my budget!

Then!  There was an estate sale I had seen photos of online that I just HAD to go to!  I had planned to go on Friday but ran out of time before it closed, so this past Saturday I got up bright and early and debated in my head should I go?  It’s 45 minutes away and I’m sure all the good stuff went yesterday.  I finally let my gut win out and I’m so glad I didn’t!  I had seen in the pictures a cedar chest filled with old Country Fair Prize Ribbons, LOTS of them!  So I crossed my fingers and headed out!  When I got there I asked if they had any left, and the lady sent me up the stairs to this little bedroom and there it was…the cedar chest of inspiration!  Hundreds of prize ribbons dating from 1945 to 1952, all shapes, sizes and amazing colors!

I quickly asked the girl working the sale what would she take for ALL of them, she shot me a price and I said SOLD!  But, then she then mentioned “Did I see the trophies in the next room?”  Trophies???  I quickly followed her there, and yes, they came home with me too!  I mean how could I not take 1950’s fair trophies too??

I did the happy dance in my car and couldn’t wait to get home, to lay them all out on the giant factory cart I have for a coffee table….they barely fit!



Aren’t they just amazing?????   Oh I can’t forget the trophies…


I’m so thrilled I can share that I’ve found the rest of the inspiration that you will soon see as you enter the doors of the Jacksonville Fairgrounds on September 24th for Rustapalooza Fall at the Fairgrounds!  We have an amazing group of 100 vendors coming with their best wares, just for you!

Join us here for updates and vendor hi-lights!


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